Directory For 0.13.2rc1 Is Still 0.13.1

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Unit 7 - Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)Question from Keli, a student: if the gst in ontario is 5% and the pst is 8% the total tax would be 13%. How come the total tax is 1.13? Shouldn't it be 0.13?


IPython 7.13.0, ImageMagick 7.0.10, Julia 1.4.1, KMC 3.1.2rc1, Kraken2 2.0.9,

Ninja 1.10.0, Normaliz 3.7.4, nanopolish 0.13.1, ncbi-vdb 2.10.4 netCDF 4.7.4,

Singularity is not well suited to install via EasyBuild because it requires admin.

look for Python version directories with suffixes in ROOT easyblock (#2010).

director, org.webjars, director, 1.2.2 · dna.js, org.webjars, dna.js, 1.3.7 · doiuse, org.

Radium, org.webjars, radium, 0.13.0 · ramda.js, org.webjars, ramda, 0.3.0.

The Graphiti nightly (dev, presumably for 2020-06, 0.17.0) version can be downloaded from our Hudson build job folder.

The release 0.13.1 is the release of Graphiti for Neon.1 and available for.


It is not part of the Luna release train.

pip install C:Python27numpy-1.11.2rc1+mkl-cp27-cp27m-win32.whl.

96 minutes on my 2011 Mac Book Air so I hope you're not in a hurry!)

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IPython-doc, 0.13.1, An Enhanced Interactive Python Shell documentation, oss.

bindfs, 1.11, Mount Directories to other Locations and alter Permission Bits, oss.

libspeex1, 1.1.999_1.2rc1, An Open Source, Patent Free Speech Codec Library.

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