Bitcoin 0.13.1

In October 2016, Bitcoin Core's 0.13.1 release featured the "Segwit" soft fork that included a scaling improvement aiming to optimize the bitcoin blocksize.

From 0.13.1 onwards OS X 10.7 is no longer supported. 0.13.0 was intended to work on 10.7+, but severe issues with the libc++ version on 10.7.x keep it from.

bitcoinj 0.13.1 API. Packages ; Package Description; org.bitcoin : org.bitcoin.crawler : org.bitcoin.paymentchannel : org.bitcoin.protocols.payments : org.bitcoinj.core : The core package contains classes for network messages like Block and Transaction, peer connectivity via PeerGroup, block chain management and the Wallet class. org.bitcoinj.crypto: The crypto package contains.

2 juni 2017.

Als u bitcoins bezit lijkt op dit moment de veiligste strategie om zelf de sleutels van.

Segregated Witness geïntegreerd in Bitcoin Core 0.13.1.

27 Oct 2016.

0.13.1 now requires 10.8+, and will communicate that to 10.7 users, rather than crashing unexpectedly. Notable changes. Segregated witness.

03/11/2016  · bitcoin-cli getbalance * 1 true returns a lower value with the newer version (30c2d8c), and it is consistent with the sum of the account values as well.Still much lower than my real balance. There is more weirdness, which I discovered now. bitcoin-cli listunspent 0 with the newer version lists a lot of my spent outputs, some of them multiple times, with 0 confirmations.

1000 piek verdubbelen | BITCOIN NAAR DE MAAN! EN TERUG #1TENTATIVE semantic version number Software release Change type BIP(s) 0.1.0 : wxBitcoin 0.1.0 : original 0.1.1 : wxBitcoin 0.3.1 : softfork : mostly-redundant 1 MB block size limit

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bitcoin-tx-0.13.1.tar.gz (Cabal source package) Package description (as included in the package) Maintainer’s Corner. For package maintainers and hackage trustees. edit package information Readme for bitcoin-tx-0.13.1 [back to package description] haskell-bitcoin-tx. This library provides the same functionality as the bitcoin-tx command line utility, which was introduced in Bitcoin.