107 Altcoins Under Investigation For Financial Crimes Altcoin Bitcoin

criminal investigation in the context of virtual currencies is intensifying with the.

2 See for example: Brito/Shadab/Castillo, Bitcoin Financial Regulation.

currencies modeled after Bitcoin (e.g., “alt-coins” such as Litecoin).

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Chinas Official Press Agency: 107 Altcoins Under Investigation for Financial Crimes - Bitcoin News7 Dec 2017.

Huang Zhen, a law professor at Central University of Finance and.

are emerging because it's cheap and easy to duplicate an altcoin.

As of the end of September 30, Chinese public security departments have conducted 5,900 criminal.

Police have investigated 107 obscure cryptocurrencies including.

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Bitcoin and Alt-Coin.

Das neue Phänomen virtueller Kryptowährungen wie Bitcoin gewinnt.

in order to protect legitimate users and to help fight international financial crime.

umfasst „Cybercrime im engeren Sinne“ die Straftaten, die sich gegen das.

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26 Jun 2017.

cryptocurrencies for financial crime, money laundering and tax.

In reality, there are several types of wallet providers107.

Altcoins are all coins that are an alternative to Bitcoin.115 In short,

such an Altcoin is Litecoin.118.

New initiatives like the Investigation of Transactions in Underground Markets.

Elliptic protects against crypto crime by helping financial institutions and cryptocurrency companies manage crypto risk and meet regulatory compliance.